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Paintings for Soul



Adriana Camara


Bucharest, Romania

I started to paint in 2018, watching YouTube tutorials and reading a lot of painting books.

I am a self-learner and I discovered very fast that this was not only a hobby, but a passion. I started with some small canvases and tutorials for beginners and in about 2 years I discovered that I am able to paint from my heart, for people's soul.

When I paint, the world stops, there is nothing else but I, my canvas and my acrylic colors. It's a beautiful world, where I can imagine anything, it's the world that I want and all my feelings are transposed to each canvas I make.

And because I started this passion by learning from YouTube tutorials, and because creativity is contagious, I decided to pass it on and I started to prepare also YouTube tutorials with part of my paintings.

Welcome to my online art gallery !
Relax, enjoy, share your thoughts !


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"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!"

Albert Einstein